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Bonus Roleplays

Sales Roleplay
& Coaching Sessions


We’ve included our always expanding library of bonus coaching and roleplay sessions to quickly and easily demonstrate the right way to engage.

Hi-Q Templates

Hi-Q Templates
& Call Scripts


Included are over 20 different templates, checklists, scripts, and more insights to take the guesswork out of your team's engagement strategy.

Private Community

Private Student


In this exclusive community for enrolled students, your team can ask questions, get feedback, and attend student-exclusive roleplay events.


"This will totally change the way you think about connecting with people and building relationships."

Dennis D.

"Instrumental in helping with self-discovery of old habits and replacing them with a method that dramatically improves connection, competency, and character."

Don F.

"It has really helped me have a different perspective for my customer calls in order to improve my relationships."

Carlos S.

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